Summer Menu


Catering Menu

  • Gyoza, Edamame, 4 Mushroom spicy Home Made Miso Soup, Loaded Wakame salad

California Roll

  • Fresh cucumber, Avocado, real crab meat, tempura bits, tobiko (roe).

Goldie Lox

  • Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber.

Shiitake Maki

  • Fried shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, sweet potato, truffle aioli.

Forest Fire

  • shrimp tempura inside, topped with salmon and tuna. Wasabi mayo and unagi sauce drizzle,
    torched to perfection.

Spicy tuna tuna

  • Spicy tuna inside, tempura bits, topped with tuna sashimi.

Crispy Salmon Skin

  • Fresh Avocado, cucumber, crispy salmon skin.

Crunchy Tuna

  • California Roll, topped with mounds of Crunchy Tuna.

Candied Maple Porkbelly and Scallop Roll

  • California Roll topped with freshly candied maple pork-belly and scallop dynamite, unagi drizzle.

Surf and Turf

  • Garlic sauteed shrimp and arugula inside, topped with seared prime beef sashimi, garlic butter drizzle, torched to perfection.

Custom ingredients are available upon request