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The Story

It began when a small group of friends in Los Angeles wanted to do something different for dinner. The idea of sushi came up, and luckily, one friend happened to have plenty of experience. So the night began. With the sake flowing and the music keeping the beat, what started out as a casual dinner quickly turned into an experience none of them expected. Everyone took their turn and came up with their own unique roll, which made them all the more satisfying. Later in the evening, with creative juices flowing, they had decided that this experience should grow beyond their kitchen, and so Roll This Way was born.

After 2 years of developing the company and his craft, Chef John Hoffmann’s time in Los Angeles had come to a close, but he was determined to bring the idea back with him to his hometown of Toronto. With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality and entertainment industry, coupled with his passion for food, he quickly grabbed the attention of a local catering guru. This mentor took Chef John under his wing and gave him the opportunity to prove his skills to a VIP clientele at an exclusive 2-month event. Over 8,300 satisfied sushi lovers later, John is ready to bring his unique style of sushi catering to your home, office or event.